Midwest Walnut LumberAmerican Black Walnut has long been considered the premier American Hardwood.  American Black Walnut has a reputation unequaled by any other American Hardwood and is known for its warm rich colors and attractive grain patterns.  Walnut is a tough, workable, dent resistant, easy finishing, while being light weight, product.  These characteristics establish product performance, serviceability, and lasting beauty that make consumers forever proud of walnut furniture and interiors.  The warmth and beauty of walnut is universally recognized.

Walnut has three basic grading rules which is governed by the National Hardwood Lumber Association, of which Midwest Walnut Company is a member.  Along with the American Black Walnut Association.  The basis grades for American Black Walnut include FAS, #1 Common and #2 Common.

Midwest Walnut LumberA Hands On Approach  

We ensure all of our lumber quality through established NHLA standards.  Our lumber is inspected numerous times to ensure quality, both before and after our dry kiln process.

Midwest Walnut Lumber

Lumber Inspectors are NHLA Certified

Midwest Walnut Company is a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and maintains a staff of lumber inspectors who have been trained under the auspices of the NHLA and are Certified Lumber Inspectors.


Member since 1937

Midwest Walnut Lumber

Midwest Walnut LumberQuality Control

Through continuous testing of samples and strict kiln schedules, we are able to ensure top quality on all of our lumber products, from 4/4 to 20/4 thickness. Prior to putting the lumber in the kiln, the walnut lumber is steamed for 48 to 72 hours.  After the preliminary air-drying, all lumber is subsequently loaded into one of the 25 dry kilns for the final drying process.  In addition to our quality regiments, we constantly maintain a total of 25 dry kilns.  This enables Midwest Walnut to constantly maintain a complete inventory of all thicknesses and grades, including squares and dimensional products.

1.5 Million Bdft Kiln Capacity
250,000 square feet of dry storage

Midwest Walnut Lumber  Midwest Walnut Lumber


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